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Aligning multi-cultural employment labour with your business or project

As an easy and immediate solution that it may appear, multicultural employment requires a considerable amount of expertise and support for it to be effective, particularly when we look at the critical issues of communication, safety and productivity within the workplace.

With this in mind, World Wide Workforce is able to provide a holistic solution to assist you in developing your operations into the future.

This solution includes the following specialised services:

Support program assisting workers from different cultures to adapt to their new employment

Our support program assists your workers to enter into and remain in their employment longer term, becoming more effective and productive employees. We do this by providing information and strategies to better understand what to expect and what is expected of them in the workplace

The program which is titled “Looking At The World Through Other People’s Eyes” is very practical and experiential, simulating the workplace through activities that include group problem solving and developing relationships.  The format this program covers the following areas of a workers life:

Supporting your supervisors to develop and retain their workers

Our “Engaging Across Cultures” program is designed to provide supervisors with an insight into the issues of communicating across cultures and how this impacts in the workplace.

The aim of the program is to:

  • Increase the supervisors competence to effectively manage their workers
  • Increase their understanding about cultural issues that impact on communication
  • Assist to identify and address conflicts before they become problematic
  • Provide practical tools to assist them in their day to day situations

With this, the objective is to:

  • Help make their job as supervisor more enjoyable and less complicated
  • Improve your attraction, work participation and the retention rate
  • Develop a culturally competent, safe and productive work environment

The achieved benefits

From an organisational perspective, our program will provide you with workers that are more effective in the areas of:

  • Safety
  • Communication
  • Productivity and participation

Your workers will remain in their employment longer term. Also their perception of how you support them in the workplace, will reflect on your ability to source recruits in the future.